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Why is there an insurance crisis in Florida?

There are several insurance companies liquidating in Florida this year. This isn’t ideal, especially when hurricane season is right around the corner. For Floridians, your roof insurance is crucial when the severe weather conditions could potentially damage them. So let’s get to what is really happening with all of the liquidating insurances. Has a contractor ever told you that they can give you a free roof replacement claiming they can waive your home insurance deductible? You might have even been approached from door to door sales and they suddenly find something wrong. These are fraudulent roofing claims from the contractors trying to do anything they can to get money to replace your roof. Obviously the insurance company is not going to just give away free roofs to everyone, so roofers will have you sign an Assignment of Benefits form so they can file insurance claims on the homeowner’s behalf. When the insurance company sends out a claims adjustor, the deductible isn’t approved to be free. The claim payout becomes much less than the contractor has demanded. The contractor then will take legal action towards the insurance company, but because the homeowner signed the Assignment of Benefits form, the contractor does it without the homeowner’s permission. At this point the insurance company has two choices: either pay the legal fees in court to fight the case, or give more money per the contractor’s demand. Either option ends in the insurance company losing money. These insurance companies are not fond of the fraudulent roofing claims and promises from contractors, so they are slowly liquidating out of Florida. This is why here at Dehlinger we take pride in honesty with all of our homeowners. When looking into contractors they should have all the qualities of honesty, integrity and reliability. Dehlinger’s top 3 company values.