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Helping Our Community

We’ve joined Lake Brantley High School in their Patriot Food Pantry program to ensure no family goes hungry – even on the weekends when school lunch is not available! Dehlinger appreciates the efforts of Lake Brantley High School in providing meals to their students in need each weekend, ensuring that no family goes hungry. We are happy to donate food on a monthly basis to the food pantry and be a part of the solution. If you would also like to help the Lake Brantley food pantry, please feel free to drop your canned goods and non-perishable foods at our office, and we will make sure they get delivered. Or, we encourage you to give to your local or preferred organization. Together we can make a difference! LEARN MORE & GET INVOLVED Drop-offs can be done at our office during business hours. Feel free to reach out to Lake Brantley’s PTSA Member group for more information about the Patriot Food Pantry.