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Four Signs of a Poor Roofing Job

As homeowners, we may not always spot the issues with our roof until they are glaringly obvious. Many of us do not take a ladder to our roof to take the time to walk it and inspect each aspect up close. This just isn’t feasible or recommended. For this reason, we trust the professionals for roofing in Longwood to take care of our roofing repairs, inspections, and replacements when we need them. This requires us to take a leap of faith that the experts are doing things right. In most cases, when we do our research, they do. However, there are some cases that we need to look out for. These are a few signs of a poorly done roofing job. You Notice Sagging Rooflines Rooflines should be straight and easy to spot. They should not be sagging. When you notice any sagging rooflines, this is the first sign that the roofing job has been done incorrectly. Typically, a sagging, bulging, or curved roofline means that the framing was not done right, or the roof decking should have been replaced before fixing the roofline. You See Different Color Shingles This issue may also be quite obvious to homeowners that are looking up at their roof after a replacement project is complete. When you notice that the shingles are different colors, this may indicate that the roofer used different types of shingles when they ran out of your preferred choice. Be sure to call them to ask about the discrepancy in color so they can fix your issue. This will produce eyesores on your curb appeal that you do not need to worry about. You See Damaged Shingles When you have roof repairs or replacements, you should no longer have any damaged shingles. If you see shingles that are curling, missing granules, loose, or flapping, you will know that the roofers did not do the job completely. Call them to have them come out and fix these issues before too much time passes and you suffer even more damages. You Notice Stains on Your Roof Although this may not happen right away, staining can be indicative that your roofers did not do their job right. Stains are indicative of roof leaks, which can be extremely costly to repair. When you notice stains, you will want to contact your roofer immediately so they can come and make necessary fixes to their original work. Although leaks may be caused by wear and tear damage, you should be leery of this if it occurs shortly after the roofers have made repairs or replacements. These are a few signs that indicate that the roofing job you have had done was done poorly. By checking the license of the roofing company, asking questions about their previous experience, and ensuring they have a good reputation in your community, you can avoid making the wrong choice when it comes to contractors. Contact us to hear about our professional roofers in Longwood and never worry about your roof again.