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Four Roof Maintenance Tasks You Should Do Before Hurricane Season

Are you concerned that your roof may not withstand the next hurricane season? Do you worry that you will suffer from damage from heavy winds and rains that often come with hurricanes? Many people assume that roof maintenance requires them to get on the roof and perform repairs. However, sometimes the maintenance you need is does not even involve touching your roof. These are some of the maintenance tasks that you should do before hurricane season to protect your roof and property from damages caused by high winds and water. Have a Roof Evaluation You need to schedule an evaluation before hurricane season, especially if you are in the danger zone. Making sure a roofing contractor in Longwood evaluates the roof can allow you to find problems areas before they become major issues. They look for spots that can be made worse by the hurricane’s destructive force. These features will be evaluated during your roof evaluation:Gutters- Gutters, Downspouts, and Drains are checked to ensure that they are attached properly and functioning correctly. Membrane- Roofers will check for rips, punctures, effects of aging, or holes in the membrane. Mounted Equipment- Ensures the seals from the penetrations are properly filled in. Also, roofers will ensure equipment is attached properly. Flashings- Roofers make sure that the flashings are all sealed and attached. Remove Overhanging Trees Next you want to make sure there are no trees that are hanging over your roof. A licensed roofing contractor can spot any obstructions or potential dangers that threaten your roof during this season. Also, you will want to address any dead, oversized, or broken trees and branches on your property. Hurricanes are strong enough to toss cars across entire towns, do you really want to take your chances with those overhanging trees? Perform Regular Maintenance After you notice any potential issues, you will want to make sure that you perform the repairs and perform the necessary cleaning jobs to remove hazards. You want to make sure you are cleaning your gutters, keeping your roof free of debris and always repair any spots that show compromised integrity. Roofers can often help you keep up with the maintenance of the roof and roofing system. Make sure you have these regular maintenance routines scheduled will ensure that you catch issues before they become property claims. Update Insurance and Warranties While this does not really constitute as maintenance, you always want to make sure your insurance and warranties are up to date. Hurricane season can be detrimental to your property, and this is how you protect your life and your investments. Make sure you keep all your documentation safe, secure, and organized just in case. You need to be prepared for the forces of nature. There is no way to stop them, but we can attempt to lessen the damage that they cause in our everyday lives. Follow these tips and you should have nothing to worry about during the hurricane season. Contact our knowledgeable roofing contractor in Longwood to assess your roof before hurricane season today.