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Five Roof Maintenance Tips You Need to Follow

Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements and the weather, and this means that you should take the time to take care of it. Preventative maintenance can keep your roof and home safe from damages, especially when you least predict it. Hurricanes, inclement weather, rusting, water damage, leaks, missing shingles, and many more roof issues can happen over time when your roof suffers natural wear and tear. Make Sure to Look Up One of the simplest pieces of advice that any roofer will give you is to look up. At least twice a year, you need to do a visual inspection of your roof by walking around your home and looking up at the roof structure from the ground. Look for problem areas like sagging gutters, piles of loose granules, buckling roof materials, missing shingles, and missing fasteners. Clean Your Gutters When you neglect cleaning your gutters, you risk water damage to both your roof and your foundation. Leaves, branches, dirt, debris, and other small items can build up in your gutters and clog them. This will prevent water from being safely removed from your roof. This can cause pooling water, which can lead to roof leaks or even collapse. It can also cause water to drip down your siding, leading to water damage in your foundation or mold and mildew growth on your siding. Trim Your Trees When you notice any trees hanging over the edge of your roofline, you will need to trim them back. If you leave overhanging trees across your roof, you risk issues during times of heavy winds and rains. These tree limbs can easily break, causing roof dents or even roof collapse. As a rule of thumb, keep large trees away from the landscaping beds that go right up against your home. Check Your Insulation Insulation is important in keeping your home cool and warm during times of extreme temperatures. Take the time to check your insulation to ensure that it is properly insulating and ventilating your attic space. If you notice issues, like ice dams, insect infestations, or leaking water, you will know that there is a roof issue that needs to be fixed right away. Consider Recaulking Your Flashing If you notice any issues on your roof flashing, you may need to consider recaulking the area. When flashings do not hold their seal, they may be susceptible to issues like water damage. Because the seal can wear over time, this is a common maintenance task that you need to consider. Reseal the flashing by using a quality caulking product to plug any holes or repair any noticeable cracks in the seal. These are a few maintenance tips that you need to follow to keep your roof in optimal condition. When you are looking to take care of roof maintenance and care, you will want to trust our roofers in Longwood. Contact Dehlinger Construction to book your roofing inspection with us for this fall today.